Welcome to Overdog Art where graphic

design is an investment, not an expense.

Overdog Art is your full-service graphic design, web design and brand management solution
operated by freelance designer, Cory Laux. Located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area
but serving clients on two continents.

Contact me today and find out why my clients call me honest, experienced,
fast, responsible and seemingly always available.


    Why hiring a freelance designer to create and manage your marketing materials might be right for you.

  • FAST

    Tired of waiting weeks for simple changes to your website? On-call, honest, experienced and quick to respond is just how I roll.


    Not every business needs or can afford a full-time graphic designer to manage their website, create flyers, emails, logos and Holiday cards.

  • WHAT THE...

    What is an Overdog and what kind of Art are we talking about?

Our Services

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    Graphic Design

    A skillful, creative process that combines visual balance, color relationships, technology and industry experience into an artistic, informative visual communication. It's definitely an art and it's definitely something you learn.

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    Web Design

    From planning to design to implementation, you need a designer who understands how to incorporate layout, color, fonts and imagery into a site that meets your budget.

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    Brand Management

    The perceived value of any product or service lies in the brand image, whether you realize one exists or not. Let me help manage that image to maximize your marketing results.

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    A good logo is describable, memorable, scalable, effective with out color and relevant to the industry. A tall order for any designer so it's a good thing I'm a tall guy!

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    CD/DVD Design

    Some of the best design and artwork has come the way of the vinyl record jacket and while the large scale print may be missing from a modern CD or DVD, some of the same rules, or lack thereof, still apply.

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    HTML E-mail Campaigns

    Whether it's simply updating your current newsletter template or designing a series of custom marketing templates, your HTML email campaign can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Let me help tame the beast.

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Common-sense design that keeps your budget in mind while finding ways to meet your marketing goals.